In the section of Who am I, Background and Projects, I explain you with all detail how much I am looking forward to be able to stage an exhibition of a selection of the best pieces of my collection of old glass, so that everyone who wants to, can come and  contemplate them in a safe and adequate environment. Up to now, this project and the one of making this collection better known by staging exhibits in other cities, has been frustrated due to the high organizational costs involved. Costs which none of the city councils or other organizations I have asked for support has been willing to give, alluding to economical problems due to the economic crisis currently affecting Spain. 

If you believe that this project can be successful, or if you would simply like this exhibition to be a reality, consider the possibility of investing or donating to make this dream come true.

All help will be very welcome, and I will be happy to invite all contributors on the first day of the exhibition, as well as putting up a hall of fame at the entrance with their names on it in order to remember that it is thanks to their contribution that this exhibiton of these beautiful works of Glass Art has been made possible.

Donations can be made by clicking on the button DONATE at the bottom of this page.   

If you would rather make an investment, send me an email and we shall arrange a meeting to talk about this possibility. 

Thank you very much!